Starting slimming world I thought oh no I’m so going to miss eating junk! I have a major sweet tooth & although yes I can eat as many muller lights & fruit as I want it’s not always killing that feeling of wanting something sweet. My step mum is also doing slimming world with me which is fantastic because we can support each other & help each other with ideas! So this post is a big thanks to her!! I told her how I fancied pudding but I didn’t want to use any of my syns because I want to save them for things like sugar in my tea & really nice food that may require me to use some syns! Anyway she sends me a link to -: http://jugglemum.co.uk/slimming-world-egg-custard/ I start reading & must admit I pulled a bit of a face because I thought how simple are these ingredients!! Plus it being syn free I thought this probably isn’t going to be the nicest or taste even remotely like egg custard (minus the pastry) 

3 eggs

a tub of Vanilla Muller Light yogurt

1 tsp sweetener

1 tsp vanilla essence

Ground nutmeg

Anyway I got the ingredients together (i had to go nick some vanilla essence & nutmeg off my step mum so a huge thanks to her for that) and I followed the instruction popped it into ramekins and then those on to a deep tray of water and cooked them for 40 minutes! Once they cooked I let them cool before popping them in the fridge. This allowed me to have dinner (slimming world syn free burgers which were stunning) once all done and ready for pudding I chopped up some fruit and served the egg custard. My first initial thought was wrong! It tastes like egg custard just not as sweet but it’s so similar it was easy enough to trick myself into thinking it was the real thing plus with the fruit on the side it was a really lovely syn free pudding! So if you have a sweet tooth want a healthy pudding give this one a go! You won’t be disappointed. 

Dinner -:

Slimming world syn free Garlic & herb Burger on a wholemeal Roll 


Slimming world chips (boil then transfer onto a tray sprayed in fry light then spray the chips in fry light & cook for 30 minutes)



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